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Hello my lovely kittens, it has been truly a long time since I have been active on WordPress because of a lot of reasons that I will not be listing right now but they do include school and work obviously. However, I do have amazing news. I finally managed to finish my very first werewolf novel after going through a major writers block-however that didn’t stop me from finishing it. I started off with 8reads which was heartbreaking especially with the fact that those reads barely grew. I really thought of deleting the book and giving up but then I realized that this was my very first creation and I loved writing this book!Deleting it and giving up would have made me a quitter and someone with no faith in what they do. So I continued my journey with this werewolf novel. I love everything about werewolf fiction, from the romantic mate bonds to the werewolf culture and tradition. The drama of it all is just something I love exploring and it is truly amazing. Werewolves rule!

So please guys I hope you do read the first book in “The Hiddens” book series, it is truly worth reading trust me!https://my.w.tt/jxBjH7QvjW

Book two is also available now and book one is available on inkitt-the uncensored version just follow my inkitt profile @Ivanajameson98.Enjoy reading


Are you a fan of the greatest shows The TeenWolf, Vampire Diaries or The Orignals!-well if you are then that’s great news. Too bad the shows are over that means the books are too BUT don’t worry because there is a book you will definitely love just visit my profile, follow me and tap right into it:
TITLE: The Hidden
GENRE: Werewolf
Author: Ivy_IcedJamie98

OR maybe you are top number 1 fan of the historical fiction shows like THE GAME OF THRONES our all time favorite or even REIGN-well then what are you waiting for hurry on to my profile,follow me and tap into it:
TITLE: Time to Reign
GENRE: Historical fiction
Author: Ivy_IcedJamie98

Then again MAYBE you just into the horrific tragic endings of our greatest horror mastermind Stephen KING and you love the little mysteries of our all time favorite Nancy Drew -well then these books will haunt you best or they do your mystery heart justice-either way dive right into it:

TITLE: Thrill To Kill
GENRE: Mystery/Thriller
Author: Ivy_IcedJamie98

There many more stories on my profile that will intrigue you-so don’t be afraid to dive right into them!. Moreover, fortunately for you I have got a wide range of reading lists with amazing stories from only the best authors on wattpad-you will adore them!. Just follow me and your hunger for the best werewolf,vampire,historical,teenfiction and even horror novels will be satisfied.

I am also a very supportive wattpadder so if you need any support just follow me and pm anytime or feel free to leave a message on my conversation board as well anytime. Feel free to ask for advice, or if you want a me to check out your stories as well etc etc . As an author on wattpad I know how it feels when you have been on wattpad for long time and your book hardly gets a read or a vote-how demotivating is that!. So please do follow me first then feel free to  pm me or whatever you feel like because every vote counts,every follower counts and every read makes a difference.



NOTE FOR THE author_4rom the killerwriter

😇so a friend asks me👇

“I have been thinking….for quite some time how do writers create their stories?.I mean how do writers even come up with characters,places,the drama and conflicts?”

 I know a lot of people ask this especially new writers#newbies+me when I began writing I had the same questions stuck in my head for three months!

Well here was my answer_dedicated to newauthorbies❤


Me=new authors ,there is no reason to be stuck wondering all year “how on earth do I write a story!”. The answer is pretty simple_here are the solutions to your little minor disease:

1)read other peoples stories,novels &even magazine short stories#this always helps. It will give you ideas and this will also be a guide for you on how to write a novel or whatever. I greatly encourage new writers to join wattpad #i insist

2)this is a must!_watch lots of television #movies,series eg The Originals +The Vampire Diaries. This will help open up the writers imagination_writing is all about an open mind,creativity, thinking out of the box and of course creating your own wild imaginative world. Watching movies&stuff will help expand your realm of open creativity.

3)Be a dreamer_if you want to create your own story you need to know your characters looks,behavior, thoughts,weaknesses and strengths. You need to know what your next chapter is,the next move and for a writer to do all this you need to dream-2be stuck in your own little or big world. You have to be a dreamer,your book is like a movie,when people read it they have to be able to see ,imagine what your characters are like.

4)be in charge of your story,always have great ideas of your next chapter. Try not to run out of ideas

             You the boss👌

Well these are some of the major things newauthorbies need to note

If you have any other ideas and you a writer #author please share💙

NewsFlash “The Hiddens” my newest novel#latest

http://my.w.tt/UiNb/0E2QGIwu9F hello to you my dearest ladies & gentlemen!😀so anyways this is my latest novel#on the rise,follow the link above to read it whilst its completely free on wattpad and for those of you who would love to follow me and most of my work on wattapad my username is @Ivy_icedjamie98 Im so inlove with this book that im even thinking of making it a book series!😍well most of readers&fans+family &friends have asked me to do it so ‘why not?’! Anywaysssssss this novel is pretty exciting I hope you enjoy it,there will be discussions on the book but first of all yalz need to read ey😘enjoy &comment!.😃 /S4Fhttp://my.w.tt/UiNb/0E2QGIwu9F


So here it goes

Sometimes its just so hard to bring out new ideas on paper but its not that you don’t have any its just that these ideas are just too many (scattered all over in our poor brain🙍sigh)& its so frustrating. I mean “why are they stuck up in that brain..why wont they just come out clearly on paper so i can share them with the world like how i imagine my plots&stuff in my head!”🙇

But not to worry i have come up with some solutions to this evil problem,unfortunately they are not so many solutions but you can all leave some comments with a few or a lot🙆of solutions you have come up with.


1)try to get free time were you not doing anything at all *sit down ,think of every ideas you have come up with and jot them down one by one eg a)kelly gets killed in chapter 1 b)there’s a twist in chapter 2 were John is blamed for kidnapping kelly but ……..is actually a victim

Make sure noone disturbs you during this time,you can even put a do not disturb poster on your door for a few hours

2)try talking to a friend whose also a writer ,share your stories then meet after you both done reading each others stories and afterwards share ideas!what you think should happen in his/her next chapter etc ,this actually helps a lot!

3)try writing down your story on a rough book then edit it after a while therefore its easier to edit new ideas!😇

4)get a paper and jot down random ideas 1-10 ( i call it random planning)but it actually works!

Well that’s all i got for now & i will add more if i get more solutions from friends 😊🙋but please if you got solutions to this problem please help me&other writers facing this problem,plus if you also have a problem just mention it in the comments section .