Wattpad & werewolf novels

Hello my lovely kittens, it has been truly a long time since I have been active on WordPress because of a lot of reasons that I will not be listing right now but they do include school and work obviously. However, I do have amazing news. I finally managed to finish my very first werewolf novel after going through a major writers block-however that didn’t stop me from finishing it. I started off with 8reads which was heartbreaking especially with the fact that those reads barely grew. I really thought of deleting the book and giving up but then I realized that this was my very first creation and I loved writing this book!Deleting it and giving up would have made me a quitter and someone with no faith in what they do. So I continued my journey with this werewolf novel. I love everything about werewolf fiction, from the romantic mate bonds to the werewolf culture and tradition. The drama of it all is just something I love exploring and it is truly amazing. Werewolves rule!

So please guys I hope you do read the first book in “The Hiddens” book series, it is truly worth reading trust me!https://my.w.tt/jxBjH7QvjW

Book two is also available now and book one is available on inkitt-the uncensored version just follow my inkitt profile @Ivanajameson98.Enjoy reading

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