Are you a fan of the greatest shows The TeenWolf, Vampire Diaries or The Orignals!-well if you are then that’s great news. Too bad the shows are over that means the books are too BUT don’t worry because there is a book you will definitely love just visit my profile, follow me and tap right into it:
TITLE: The Hidden
GENRE: Werewolf
Author: Ivy_IcedJamie98

OR maybe you are top number 1 fan of the historical fiction shows like THE GAME OF THRONES our all time favorite or even REIGN-well then what are you waiting for hurry on to my profile,follow me and tap into it:
TITLE: Time to Reign
GENRE: Historical fiction
Author: Ivy_IcedJamie98

Then again MAYBE you just into the horrific tragic endings of our greatest horror mastermind Stephen KING and you love the little mysteries of our all time favorite Nancy Drew -well then these books will haunt you best or they do your mystery heart justice-either way dive right into it:

TITLE: Thrill To Kill
GENRE: Mystery/Thriller
Author: Ivy_IcedJamie98

There many more stories on my profile that will intrigue you-so don’t be afraid to dive right into them!. Moreover, fortunately for you I have got a wide range of reading lists with amazing stories from only the best authors on wattpad-you will adore them!. Just follow me and your hunger for the best werewolf,vampire,historical,teenfiction and even horror novels will be satisfied.

I am also a very supportive wattpadder so if you need any support just follow me and pm anytime or feel free to leave a message on my conversation board as well anytime. Feel free to ask for advice, or if you want a me to check out your stories as well etc etc . As an author on wattpad I know how it feels when you have been on wattpad for long time and your book hardly gets a read or a vote-how demotivating is that!. So please do follow me first then feel free to  pm me or whatever you feel like because every vote counts,every follower counts and every read makes a difference.

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