NOTE FOR THE author_4rom the killerwriter

😇so a friend asks me👇

“I have been thinking….for quite some time how do writers create their stories?.I mean how do writers even come up with characters,places,the drama and conflicts?”

 I know a lot of people ask this especially new writers#newbies+me when I began writing I had the same questions stuck in my head for three months!

Well here was my answer_dedicated to newauthorbies❤


Me=new authors ,there is no reason to be stuck wondering all year “how on earth do I write a story!”. The answer is pretty simple_here are the solutions to your little minor disease:

1)read other peoples stories,novels &even magazine short stories#this always helps. It will give you ideas and this will also be a guide for you on how to write a novel or whatever. I greatly encourage new writers to join wattpad #i insist

2)this is a must!_watch lots of television #movies,series eg The Originals +The Vampire Diaries. This will help open up the writers imagination_writing is all about an open mind,creativity, thinking out of the box and of course creating your own wild imaginative world. Watching movies&stuff will help expand your realm of open creativity.

3)Be a dreamer_if you want to create your own story you need to know your characters looks,behavior, thoughts,weaknesses and strengths. You need to know what your next chapter is,the next move and for a writer to do all this you need to dream-2be stuck in your own little or big world. You have to be a dreamer,your book is like a movie,when people read it they have to be able to see ,imagine what your characters are like.

4)be in charge of your story,always have great ideas of your next chapter. Try not to run out of ideas

             You the boss👌

Well these are some of the major things newauthorbies need to note

If you have any other ideas and you a writer #author please share💙

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