So here it goes

Sometimes its just so hard to bring out new ideas on paper but its not that you don’t have any its just that these ideas are just too many (scattered all over in our poor brain🙍sigh)& its so frustrating. I mean “why are they stuck up in that brain..why wont they just come out clearly on paper so i can share them with the world like how i imagine my plots&stuff in my head!”🙇

But not to worry i have come up with some solutions to this evil problem,unfortunately they are not so many solutions but you can all leave some comments with a few or a lot🙆of solutions you have come up with.


1)try to get free time were you not doing anything at all *sit down ,think of every ideas you have come up with and jot them down one by one eg a)kelly gets killed in chapter 1 b)there’s a twist in chapter 2 were John is blamed for kidnapping kelly but ……..is actually a victim

Make sure noone disturbs you during this time,you can even put a do not disturb poster on your door for a few hours

2)try talking to a friend whose also a writer ,share your stories then meet after you both done reading each others stories and afterwards share ideas!what you think should happen in his/her next chapter etc ,this actually helps a lot!

3)try writing down your story on a rough book then edit it after a while therefore its easier to edit new ideas!😇

4)get a paper and jot down random ideas 1-10 ( i call it random planning)but it actually works!

Well that’s all i got for now & i will add more if i get more solutions from friends 😊🙋but please if you got solutions to this problem please help me&other writers facing this problem,plus if you also have a problem just mention it in the comments section .

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