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I WANT TO BE NOTICED#AuthorsContest Best STORy2017September-October

🙌🙋heyahhhh So hello again to my dear writers btw i know ..i know you all the best 😸kitties(if you a kitten raise your hand!) Lol okay enough with the jokes(i literally slapped myself);-) for you Okay so this my “BestStory2017wordpressCompetition!” So All authors#writers interested(_you better be interested grr🙍)please drop your short stories along with your book cover and maybe a link of your story +summary+genre+author of your book in the comments. All writers are to contribute in voting for the story you think is best after reading some of the writers stories(you have to),put a star on the story you think is the best Rules Are you are not allowed to vote for your story and you have to vote before the 2scnd of October…coz by then the voting procedure will be closed. This is an example of what you should do to enter the BS2017 Author: ivana jameson98\Ivy_icedjamie98 Genre:mysteryThriller Link:http://my.w.tt/UiNb/GsijUgSv9F Cover:&summary #complete 🙏enter your book and vote vote vote This as great chance to advertise your book and get more reads&also a chance to support new writers so please spare some time to just read&vote&support A/N (Please note i might not be available most of the time coz of school &stuff im in my last year of highschool so i got exams to study 4’u know the drill’🙇but dont let that stop you from supporting each other ‘God i love you guys)😽#optimistic kitty

NewsFlash “The Hiddens” my newest novel#latest

http://my.w.tt/UiNb/0E2QGIwu9F hello to you my dearest ladies & gentlemen!😀so anyways this is my latest novel#on the rise,follow the link above to read it whilst its completely free on wattpad and for those of you who would love to follow me and most of my work on wattapad my username is @Ivy_icedjamie98 Im so inlove with this book that im even thinking of making it a book series!😍well most of readers&fans+family &friends have asked me to do it so ‘why not?’! Anywaysssssss this novel is pretty exciting I hope you enjoy it,there will be discussions on the book but first of all yalz need to read ey😘enjoy &comment!.😃 /S4Fhttp://my.w.tt/UiNb/0E2QGIwu9F


So here it goes

Sometimes its just so hard to bring out new ideas on paper but its not that you don’t have any its just that these ideas are just too many (scattered all over in our poor brain🙍sigh)& its so frustrating. I mean “why are they stuck up in that brain..why wont they just come out clearly on paper so i can share them with the world like how i imagine my plots&stuff in my head!”🙇

But not to worry i have come up with some solutions to this evil problem,unfortunately they are not so many solutions but you can all leave some comments with a few or a lot🙆of solutions you have come up with.


1)try to get free time were you not doing anything at all *sit down ,think of every ideas you have come up with and jot them down one by one eg a)kelly gets killed in chapter 1 b)there’s a twist in chapter 2 were John is blamed for kidnapping kelly but ……..is actually a victim

Make sure noone disturbs you during this time,you can even put a do not disturb poster on your door for a few hours

2)try talking to a friend whose also a writer ,share your stories then meet after you both done reading each others stories and afterwards share ideas!what you think should happen in his/her next chapter etc ,this actually helps a lot!

3)try writing down your story on a rough book then edit it after a while therefore its easier to edit new ideas!😇

4)get a paper and jot down random ideas 1-10 ( i call it random planning)but it actually works!

Well that’s all i got for now & i will add more if i get more solutions from friends 😊🙋but please if you got solutions to this problem please help me&other writers facing this problem,plus if you also have a problem just mention it in the comments section .

Time to REIGN

Queen Elizabeth paced in her large room holding her baby girl who was only 5months old wrapped in a warm little cotton blanket.She was so nervous about the riots that had risen in her country,She had told her king that it was not wise to go against the Spanish king but he refused to listen to her and his arrogance had led to an uprising of the Spanish.

They were after her and the king and everyone else in the royal family,they had made that very clear by killing the kings younger brother Caleb a week before the uprising.The soldiers found Caleb’s body hanging upsidedown wounded from a tree in the forest near the castle.The situation was very bad and she knew she had to protect her little kamil,her beautiful baby.She was so innocent,her beautiful stormy grey eyes were so bright and glittered with pure innocence she would grow up to be the most beautiful innocent pure hearted Princess.Elizabeth kissed her daughters beautiful rosy cheek ,her baby was sleepy after having played with the maid for hours.

Elizabeth was startled after her lady Lora came in rushing towards her with a terrified face.”whats wrong lady Lora!”Elizabeth asked afraid of the answer she expected.”they are HERE my Queen!,..The spanish are HERE in the castle now and they have taken captive the royal guards and the kings Sister but i have not seen the king or what has become of him”Lora said in a rush hardly breathing.Elizabeth breathed in hard knowing what she had to do,loud voices came from hallway,”we have to go Lora now!”.

Elizabeth and lady Lora ran fast through the back door that was in her room,it led them to the hallway downstairs but all their efforts of trying to escape went to vain as they heard loud footsteps of soldiers heading their way and she knew in any time they would budge in on them.

“Lora take Kamil”she said handing Lora the baby but Lora shook her head.”no!My Queen..Elizabeth no you take the baby and leave through the secret door i will hold off those men!”Lady Lora protested but Elizabeth knew she had to let go,they would find her and recognise her within seconds if she went out there.”NO Lady Lora i command that you take this baby,raise her and keep her secret safe,protect her until she becomes of age.NOW Lady Lora if i go out there they will recognise me capture me and kill my child..you have to go!”she kissed her baby again and tears started tickling down her cheeks,she helped lady Lora through the secret entrance behind a large portrait of the king.When they were out of sight knowing that her baby was safe Elizabeth was ready to meet her fate,she closed her eyes and heard them enter

Song_7_years by Lukas Graham.


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“kamil stop playing with the dough,those are bad manners”aunt Lora said slapping her hand and instead kamil giggled like a child being tickled “KAMIL”her aunt said seriously this time.”im sorry aunt i will stop laughing now”she said giving her aunt the dough.

Kamil was a very reserved girl,she loved talking to her aunt,practically her aunt was her best friend and laughing with her was just so much fun.Her aunt Lora was a widow, aunt Lora said her husband had died in a battle between the Scottish and the Chinese when she was only 23years old since then she never married instead she worked at the castle as a maid!.Kamil felt sorry for aunts loss but she was fascinated at the fact that her aunt had worked in the castle!,where the Queen herself had lived before the Spanish invasion.

“Aunt you never told me about what happened to the kings baby,i heard the old lady from the riverside saying that the Spanish Kings brother Joseph is always on the look out for her constantly”kamil said whispering in an almost question way as if someone was watching them.Aunt Lora sighed”Kamil you ask me this almost everyday and night child,i told you,nobody knows if the girl is even alive.Anyways the king Joseph has other evil deeds he did rather be doing than looking for the poor soul”she said almost lost in her thoughts,she looked as if she was trying to convince herself that the king was nolonger looking for the child.”oh hush aunt!someone could hear your rude remarks about the kings doing,you know his soldiers are everywhere”kamil said in a hushed tone with a grin drawn on her face.Aunt Lora let out a silent laugh”ohhhh never mind that child,now go on and fetch some water from the river.Make sure you return here very soon you know i shall count your time.If you arrive late because you decided to take a swim i shall most definitely deny you supper tonight”she said folding her hands on her chest.

Kamil had grabbed a medium sized wooden bucket and had run out to the river which was a little distance away from the little farmhouse which most people called the ‘cabin’.

She sang to herself as she walked fast to the river this had become her habit for 18years now.She was an 18year old girl yes,she had long pitch black hair that flowed to her back in waves and ended just after her shoulder blades,her eyes were a dark grey that resembled a dark stormy cloud,her skin was fair and smooth,she had rosy cheeks that could easily blush when she laughed or cried or when she was overexcited which made her emotions easy to read especially for her aunt who could easily tell how she felt,it was all a gift and a curse at the same time.

She arrived at the river soon enough and began filling her wooden bucket,the process wet Kamils a little bit but she didn’t mind her dresses were never so special like the one she was wearing,it was all plane green with long sleeves and a few inner layers of her inside material sticking out.As she stood up when she was about to make her way back home she saw soldiers on the other side of the river maybe way too far but the were heading fast towards her like hungry animals.She dropped the bucket and began racing back to the farmhouse to tell aunt.

Song_magnets[A_track Remix]-Disclosurethats the new cover